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A People on the Move 
Moses, Miriam, Aaron, & the Exodus of the Hebrew People
By Marilyn Perry
A People on the Move illustrates God's creation of a new covenant with the Hebrew people. The story of the escape from Egypt is filled with events that we can link to our own experiences today. It is the central salvation story for the Jewish people,...
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The Church 
A Believing Fellowship
By John H. Leith
The Church: A Believing Fellowship is a classic examination of what it means to become a member of the church. Designed for junior high communicant classes, it is also an excellent resource for church officer training and new member classes. The book...
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By Bruce Sanguin, Tim Scorer
150 years ago Darwin published On the Origin of Species. Since that time we have gained significant scientific knowledge, but we have also lost our connection to the nature we have learned so much about. Now with over 1500 species of plants and anima...
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Feed All My Sheep 
A Guide and Curriculum for Adults with Developmental Disabilities
This book provides a curriculum for teaching adults and older youth with disabilities about the church. Doris Clark offers experienced and comprehensive advice about how to set up church classes geared to the requirements of adults with special needs...
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By Sue Lou, Jean Floyd Love, Mickey Meyers, Sylvia Washer
In Get Ready! Get Set! Worship!, four outstanding Christian educators have given pastors and teachers in the church what congregations have needed for years: a complete teaching program to prepare children and their families for worship. Within a str...
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The Victorious Christ 
A Study of the Book of Revelation
By C. Freeman Sleeper
The Victorious Christ is the perfect guide for nonspecialists in search of a reliable and interesting exploration of the book of Revelation. The reader is invited to approach the text in a logical and nonthreatening fashion. After acquainting the rea...
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