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In Search of Wisdom 
Essays in Memory of John G. Gammie
By LEO G. PERDUE, Bernard Brandon Scott, William Johnston Wiseman
This much-needed volume provides a comprehensive study of wisdom in the Hebrew Bible, in selected intertestamental and Rabbinic texts, and in the New Testament. An introductory essay summarizes the various meanings of wisdom in current research and o...
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By James L. Crenshaw
For thirty years, James Crenshaw's Old Testament Wisdom has been the premier introduction to the wisdom books of the Old Testament. That tradition continues with this newly updated edition. This popular textbook introduces readers to the wisdom tradi...
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Roots of Wisdom 
The Oldest Proverbs of Israel and Other Peoples
By Claus Westermann
In this book, Claus Westermann argues that Israel's early wisdom literature grew out of an oral tradition reflecting an agrarian setting. Dealing primarily with Proverbs 10-31, Westermann demonstrates how the wisdom literature evolved into a form of ...
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Wisdom Literature 
A Theological History
The Old Testament's wisdom literature offers one of the most intriguing collections of biblical books (Proverbs, Job, the Psalms about Torah and wisdom, Ecclesiastes, Qoheleth, Ben Sira, and the Wisdom of Solomon). In this magisterial textbook, preem...
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