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A Study for Adults
In 2009 the creators of Glee brought forth a groundbreaking blend of musical, comedy, and drama that would take network ratings by storm. Glee's first season attracted a following of individuals young and old, male and female, multiracial, and of var...

Live Together or Die Alone
By Greg Garrett
Lost is one of the most popular television shows of recent memory; a show in which physical drama--Will they survive?--and spiritual drama--Will they be redeemed?--go hand in hand. From the first episode, when a jet airliner flying from Australia to ...

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Reality TV 
Love It, Hate It, Got to Have It?
By Samuel F. (Skip) Parvin
Reality television is the most pervasive form of entertainment in the history of the small screen, and it is here to stay. The Web site lists nine pages of various reality-based shows that have made their way into our living rooms....