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Christian Mission Impossible? 
The Global Role of U.S. Denominations
By Philip L. Wickeri
Churches in North America are facing a crisis in global mission unlike any we have experienced before. Mainline churches send fewer missionaries overseas on long-term service, and mission programs have been drastically reduced in churches facing fina...

By Brett Webb-Mitchell
How good is your church community at welcoming people with disabilities into the life of your church? Perhaps you have taken steps to make the church accessible. But how much are people with disabilities really welcomed to participate?This one-sessio...

When Church People Disagree 
Division or Discernment?
By Victoria Curtiss
Several denominations in the United States are wrestling with division, even to the degree that members are considering breaking away to become part of a different denomination. The identified trigger for schism is usually a particular issue over whi...

By Erik Kolbell
Do we need organized religion in order to be a people of faith? To those who use these two words interchangeably this may seem an absurd question, but to others there is a real distinction, and while religious people pretty much always consider thems...