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For the Parish 
A Critique of Fresh Expressions
By Andrew Davison
Fresh Expressions of Church are most significant development in the Church of England in recent decades. Many have called for a thorough theological engagement with the movement. The Church of England is engaging in radical new departures when the e...
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By Susan J. White
Providing structure for thinking seriously about worship as a part of Christian faith and experience, Foundations of Christian Worship addresses the question, what is Christian worship and why do Christians worship as they do? Beginning with an overv...
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The Future of Protestant Worship 
Beyond the Worship Wars
By Ronald P. Byars
Over the past several years, churches have engaged in an ongoing debate between two different styles of worship--"traditional" and "contemporary." Here, Ronald Byars argues that many of the differences between the two styles are superficial. Authenti...
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Stones for Bread 
A Critique of Contemporary Worship
By A. Daniel Frankforter
This well-written and engaging book explores the effects of the rush to adopt new, "contemporary" styles of worship by many Protestant congregations. As churches try to reach the unchurched and draw new members, they often adapt their worship until i...
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Too Deep for Words 
A Theology of Liturigical Expression
By Clayton J. Schmit
Exploring fundamental ways in which verbal expression in worship relates to aesthetic expression, Clayton Schmit provides a vitally important book for all homiletics students and scholars. Schmit explains that worship isn't just a sequence of "holy" ...
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Women at Worship 
Interpretations of North American Diversity
By Marjorie Procter-Smith, Janet R. Walton
These diverse but unified descriptions of original ceremonies, liturgies, and rites offer suggestions for revitalizing traditional liturgical expressions in relation to women's experiences. The works collected here are drawn from the perspectives of ...
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