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Before the Wedding 
Look Before You Leap
By Michael E. Cavanagh
Couples often spend more time preparing for the one-day event of their wedding than they do for the actual marriage, which is a lifelong event. Michael Cavanagh asserts that simply dating and courting, even living together, do not constitute preparat...
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By William V. Arnold, Margaret Anne Fohl
William V. Arnold and Margaret Anne Fohl describe Christian caring as a unique form of helping that finds special expression in the church. Daily, Christians have opportunities to extend care, whether it is to a bereaved colleague or a sick friend. I...
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By Donald Capps, Allan Hugh Cole, Jr., Robert C. Dykstra
Drawing on research and case studies, three pastoral care experts argue that one of the primary contexts in which the faith formation of teenage boys takes place is in their relationships with other adolescent males. Written by the authors of Losers,...
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