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Church for Every Context 
An Introduction to Theology and Practice
Fresh Expressions of Church are one of the most important developments within the contemporary church. There has been—and continues to be—much learning about how to plant Fresh Expressions of church in contemporary culture and about theological resou...
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By Kimberly Bracken Long
Weddings have become a billion- dollar industry, with the average cost of a wedding estimated at $30,000. Taking into account dramatic shifts in attitudes toward marriage in recent years, many pastors are confused and frustrated about their role. Thi...
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God at Work: Creation Then and Now - A Practical Exploration 
Creation Then and Now - A Practical Exploration
By John Davies
John Davies brings his extraordinary gift of teasing out of Bible texts their meaning for today to the first 3 chapters of Genesis - the record of our beginnings. He explores what the creation accounts tell us about our identity, our place within cre...
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Imagining a Way 
Exploring Reformed Practical Theology and Ethics
By Clive Pearson
From the inception of the Reformed tradition, Reformed Christians have followed God's call to engage and change the world. Yet little work has been done to bring the tools of practical theology and ethics to bear on the task of understanding the Refo...
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