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Blue Note Preaching in a Post-Soul World 
Finding Hope in an Age of Despair
By Otis Moss III
"Can preaching recover a Blues sensibility and dare speak with authority in the midst of tragedy? America is living stormy Monday, but the pulpit is preaching happy Sunday. The world is experiencing the Blues, and pulpiteers are dispensing excessive ...
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How Odd of God 
Chosen for the Curious Vocation of Preaching
By William H. Willimon
Election is a strange word when used in theology. It brings to mind old debates about what God might or might not have done before the foundation of the world. But viewed apart from that historical baggage, the word 'election' is about a central gosp...
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Invasion of the Dead 
Preaching Resurrection
By Brian K. Blount
Our world and our churches are neither sinful nor lost, they are dead. This dead world is the one that God engages and into which Jesus invaded with a radically different vision of life.In this groundbreaking work, based on his 2011 Yale Beecher lect...
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Reclaiming Practices in Pulpit, Pew, and Public Square
By Sally A. Brown, Patrick D. Miller
Lament, so prominent in the Christian canon, is neglected in the public worship and witness of most North American congregations. These essays by Princeton Theological Seminary faculty attest to the diverse ways in which lament is understood and prac...
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Speaking Parables 
A Homiletic Guide
By David Buttrick
David Buttrick provides an introduction to the parables with a discussion of particular homiletical issues preachers face in interpreting parables. Speaking Parables includes commentary on thirty-three different parables with suggestions for preachin...
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