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The Church with AIDS 
Renewal in the Midst of Crisis
By Letty M. Russell
This book looks at the experiences of people with AIDS as a means of examining the way Christianity views the problem and deals with it on both personal and community levels. This book begins by sharing the experience and ministry of those living wit...
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Envisioning the New City 
A Reader on Urban Ministry
By Eleanor Scott Meyers
This book compiles essays by over thirty urban pastors, community organizers, seminary professors, and church leaders. Their essays seek to present creative opportunities for urban ministries to bring hope and renewal to their congregations and commu...
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Theology from the Trenches 
Reflections on Urban Ministry
By Roger J. Gench
While urban pastors devote time and energy to all the typical demands of ministry, they also grapple with challenges endemic to city life. Achieving a measure of balance amid these competing demands and responsibilities can be daunting. Using his exp...
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Transforming Congregations through Community 
Faith Formation from the Seminary to the Church
By Boyung Lee
In this helpful book, Boyung Lee offers an encouraging vision of the mainline church's future. Lee grapples with some of the greatest challenges facing the mainline church, offering compelling responses to recurring questions: What does faithfulness...
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