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Christian Faith 
Dogmatics in Outline
By B. A. Gerrish
At the beginning of Christian Faith, B. A. Gerrish reminds us that dogmatics involves critical transmission of the Christian heritage. The dogmatic theologian must interpret and assess the traditional beliefs of the church while also considering the ...
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Christian Faith (Two-Volume Set) 
A New Translation and Critical Edition
By Friedrich Schleiermacher
Christian Faith is one of the most important works of Christian theology ever written. The author, known as the "father of theological liberalism," correlates the entirety of Christian doctrine to the human experience of and consciousness of God. A w...
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By Steven Croft
The great mystery of the human condition and God's action to save us is too vast to be contained in a single image or one kind of language. The Bible uses a kaleidoscope of word pictures of human life and God's intervention in it. Exploring God's Me...
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By N. T. Wright
Wright argues that getting ready for the millennium does not mean getting ready for the end of the world as we know it, and shows that the millennium hype is masking a deeper problem in our culture. By following some ancient words on hope, Wright out...
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New Testament Theology 
Exploring Diversity and Unity
By Frank J. Matera
In this systematic, book-by-book exploration of the theology of each New Testament writing, Frank J. Matera explores theological diversity and unity in the writings of the New Testament. After an introduction to the history and method of New Testamen...
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Theological Fragments 
Confessing What We Know and Cannot Know about an Infinite God
By Ruben Rosario Rodriguez
The swelling ranks of religious “nones”—those who do not identify with any particular religious tradition—have demonstrated that traditional Christian apologetics set on delivering a universally accepted, objectively verifiable system that proves the...
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By Georg Strecker
In this volume, Georg Strecker profiles the New Testament with major treatments of Paul, Jesus, the Synoptics, John, and the General Letters. Strecker argues for a rich mosaic of theologies rather than one single New Testament theology. He adopts a r...
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