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By Frederick M. Bliss
Until forty years ago, Anglicans and Catholics, wherever they co-existed, viewed each other in a way that was determined by centuries of separation. Although there had been various attempts at building bridges, such as the Anglican Papalist movement ...
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By Jonathan Dean
Archbishop Thomas Cranmer (1489-1556) played a critical, formative role in the creation and development of the Church of England, from his sudden and dramatic appointment as Archbishop of Canterbury in 1532, through his granting of Henry VIII's divor...
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By James R. Ginther
This accessible reference work provides an extensive guide to the main theological features of medieval theology. Author James Ginther provides clear and compelling discussions of major Christian thinkers, socio-cultural developments, and key terms a...
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By Joseph P. Wawrykow
This complete yet concise reference work provides scholars and students with accurate interpretations of the ways in which Thomas Aquinas used important theological terms. Aquinas, a theologian and philosopher in the Roman Catholic Church, sought to ...
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