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Holiness and Mission 
Learning from the Early Church About Mission in the City
By Morna D. Hooker
Mission is one of the key subjects for the church today. What does it mean to live the Christian faith in a world of many faiths and none' In this book, two leading scholars explore what mission and discipleship meant for some of the earliest Christ...
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Hope for the World 
Mission in a Global Context
By Walter Brueggemann
Hope for the World represents a new resolve and commitment to the global context for the ministry of the church. Missions, evangelism, and theological education too often seem ill prepared to face the despair commonly shared by both the Northern and ...
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Mission after Christendom 
Emergent Themes in Contemporary Mission
By Edmund Kee-Fook Chia, Ogbu U. Kalu, Peter Vethanayagamony
In 1910 Protestant missionaries from around the world gathered to explore the role of Christian missions in the twentieth century. In this collection, leading missiologists use the one hundred year anniversary of the Edinburgh conference as an occasi...
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Regenerating Local Churches: Mission-based Strategies for Transformation and Growth 
Mission-based Strategies for Transformation and Growth
By Maggie Durran
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To the Ends of the Earth 
Mission Stories from Around the World
By Marj Carpenter
In To the Ends of the Earth Marj Carpenter, in her engaging and unbridled style, shares the stories of the people she has encountered and events she has witnessed as a missionary. Carpenter's stories will produce both laughter and tears, as well as a...
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