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How do we account for the differences between Matthew, Mark, Luke and ■John's telling of Jesus' resurrection? Given their differences, can some of them ■be wrong? Our goal in this lesson is to examine ways in which the Bible's ■accounts of Jesus' burial and resurrection vary, consider why this is so, and ■explore the implications for Christians today.
Four Accounts of Jesus' Resurrection
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The account of Jesus' burial and resurrection is found in all four Gospels and mentioned by Paul. While all accounts affirm his resurrection, they differ in various degrees. What do Christians believe about these differences, and what do we mean when we affirm that Jesus was raised from the dead? The goal is to examine the diversity and the common ground of the four Gospel accounts (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) of Jesus' burial and the discovery of the empty tomb, with the premise that the diversity of these accounts is rich and wondrous, contributing to the common witness of Jesus as Lord.

Ted V. Foote Jr. is Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Bryan, Texas.

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