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This great religion occupies the attention of the world as never before in modern times. The thoughtful Christian seeks to get behind the sensational headlines, the biased stereotypes, and the polemics that so often characterize the treatment of Islam in the media. A Christian perspective on the subject will take into account what the people of Islam say about their faith and will seek humbly to understand how believers in Christianity and believers in Islam can best relate to one another.

Session 1 explores the origins of Islam. Session 2 takes a look at the content of the faith. The third session examines the spread of Islam throughout the world, including a growing presence in the U.S. The fourth session looks at the similarities and differences between Christians and Muslims and searches for points of understanding and relationships. Participants are encouraged to examine what Muslims say about themselves and to reflect on the biased and often-negative image the mass media give to Muslims around the globe.

Marston R. Speight is a retired missionary-minister of the United Methodist Church and former director of the Office for Christian-Muslim Relations of the National Council of Churches.

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Nancy Mikoski, Marston R. Speight
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Marston R. Speight
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