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Most devoted Christians know more than a little bit about the Christian faith ■whether we learned it from our family, from Sunday school, or from the Bible. But ■knowing about other faiths (such as Hinduism) can provide unique insights into ■what we as Christians believe and why we believe it.
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There's a great old saying that asks, "What does he know of England who only England knows?" The same concept holds true for Christians. Knowledge of other cultures and other faiths inform our own knowledge about the Christian faith to which we are committed. In this three-session study for adults we delve into the fascinating world of Hinduism, the third-largest religion in the world.

In the first session we'll work to understand the history and some of the commonalties across the broad spectrum of Hindu beliefs and practices. Although, because the history itself is shrouded in mystery, there may be many questions left unanswered about the hows and whys of Hinduism's founding.

In the second session we'll explore the basic outline of Hindu scriptures. Since Hinduism does not have a single dogma or set of beliefs, their scriptures become the primary binding element of the religious tradition's many diverse groups. Therefore, to understand something about these texts is essential to understanding the Hindu theology, philosophy, and spiritual tenets that have guided them for centuries.

Finally, we'll round out the three-session study with a look at how contemporary adherents of Hinduism practice their faith, including where they live, the divisions within Hinduism, and their basic ideas. The session also looks at the influence of Hinduism on American culture in order to encourage a deeper understanding about Hindus and their faith that goes beyond the clichés prevalent in the media.

Rebecca Blair Young is a pastor and Professor of Systematic Theology at Jakarta Theological Seminary in Indonesia. She also is liaison for tsunami relief with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, serving both roles as a mission co-worker for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

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