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Using Bible passages from both the Old Testament and the New Testament in conjunction with examples of multicultural communities of faith, this study helps churches realize a vision of multiculturalism.
What Is Mulitcultural Worship?
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Many Christian churches struggle with adapting their worship styles to reflect the growing racial, ethnic, and economic diversity of their surrounding community and members. What should change? How is multicultural worship related to multiculturalism we talk about at work?

This one-session study provides a biblical, theological vision of God's desire for all Christians to worship together from various races and ethnicities, sexualities and genders. It shares some real examples of churches struggling to be multicultural and suggests steps for churches to take.

Mienda Uriarte is a Presbyterian minister and church consultant in a variety of areas including cross-cultural ministries and social issues.

What Is Mulitcultu...
Mienda Uriarte
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