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How to Pray
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It seems every day we see a new invention that helps us communicate with one another. How did we ever survive without a cell phone, an iPhone, text messaging, e-mail, and chat? Despite all the advances in human communication, our mode of communicating with the Divine is still called prayer, and it still does not require any of the gadgets recently invented. In fact, it requires putting these things down and stopping multitasking in order to be still and be with God.

Prayer is something we experience every time we go to worship, but it is often something we do not do in our personal lives unless we are taught. The purpose of these two sessions is to help clarify with participants what prayer is and the different types of prayer and to encourage them to enjoy prayer as a part of their daily lives.

In the first session participants are encouraged to define prayer and see what the Bible says about it. Questions and concerns are discussed, and a prayer is constructed. The second session consists of learning various types of prayers. Prayer stations are set up prior to the session, and participants visit each station, learning a different type of prayer at each station.

Adrian McMullen is an associate in the Office of Ministries with Youth of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). With more than fifteen years of youth ministry experience, Adrian has worked with camp and local ministries as well as regional and national youth events. He served as a youth director for churches in Minnesota and Iowa before moving to Louisville, Kentucky.

How to Pray
Adrian McMullen
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