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Movin' Out
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Whether leaving home for an overnight trip or loading a moving truck for a permanent move, youth long to know that God is present with them no matter where they go.

This two-session study both reflects on where God has already been involved in participants' lives when they have left home on trips or moves and invites them to consider the near future, when most will leave their current home for work or school or else stay at home but leave their current routines and enter new worlds.

Participants will walk in the shoes of several biblical characters who left home, in the hope that as they look toward their own future, they are confident that God will continue to be with them.

Kara Lassen Oliver graduated with her master of divinity from Vanderbilt Divinity School and served youth through the United Methodist denomination and her local church for ten years before becoming a freelance writer in Nashville, Tennessee.

Movin' Out
Kara Lassen Oliver
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