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What Does It Really Mean to Honor My Parents?
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Does honoring our parents mean the same thing today as when the Bible was written? Does it mean not questioning or challenging them when we believe they are wrong? Is that ever what the Bible meant?

This two-session study encourages youth to reflect on family lives in biblical times and consider which instructions translate into their setting. Both sessions may be studied independently, but hopefully many participants will be present in both. The first session deals with family life in biblical times and our own and seeks to help young people learn that being part of a family has never been easy. Activities in session 1 include considering just what honoring someone means. Session 2 addresses specific issues families encounter and how the commandment to honor one another applies in light of them.

It is possible to do this study with a combined adult and youth group. The leader will need some time to read the study carefully and plan activities accordingly.

Bob Phelps is Pastor of Providence Presbyterian Church, a Presbyterian Congregation in Fernandina Beach, Florida. He and his wife, Deanna, are parents of two young adult sons.

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