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What If I Really Don't Believe That?
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Young people are not all at the same stage of spiritual formation and belief. Some may have grown up in the church, while others are new members. It is not safe to assume that kids who have participated in church since birth are any more secure in their faith than others who have not. The reality is that the teen years are growing years, and that kids in your group are very likely at varied stages of spiritual formation, regardless of their church background.

This one-session youth study invites youth to share what they believe, what they aren't sure about, and what they don't believe. They identify some core Christian beliefs and discuss how they see these lived out or not by other Christians. They also look at their worship bulletins to identify things they question or affirm. Finally, they write a note to a chosen religious leader asking some of their top questions about beliefs. Youth are reminded throughout the study that Jesus promised to be with all of us on this lifelong journey of faith, even if we don't always know just what we believe.

Bob Phelps is Pastor of Providence Presbyterian Church, a Presbyterian Congregation in Fernandina Beach, Florida. He and his wife, Deanna, are parents of two young adult sons.

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