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Words of Hope, Restoration, and Peace

A Youth Study for Advent

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When the early Christians and Gospel writers set out to tell the story of Jesus, the words of the Old Testament prophets were ringing in their ears. But the prophets wrote centuries before Jesus’ birth, and while the Gospel writers looked back and saw how Jesus fulfilled those ancient words, these prophecies were originally meant for their own contemporary audience. The prophets looked at the people and events of their present situation and sought to speak words of hope, restoration, justice, and peace. These words were not meant to be put into a time capsule until Jesus would arrive, but to be heard in light of the current and urgent needs of their communities.

The purpose of this youth Advent study pack is to engage some of the familiar prophecies we often hear during the season of Advent. Youth will learn about the original context of these prophecies, explore the Advent themes inherent in them, and discuss how these prophecies also echo through the stories of Jesus. Each session of this four-session study will focus on one of the prophetic Advent themes: hope, restoration, justice, and peace.

Each week includes a Participant Handout and a Leader's Guide that helps a leader facilitate a fifty-five minute session. Activity ideas available in the Leader's Guides include: small-group discussion and reflection questions, Scripture study activities, suggested prayers, group reflection, and more.

Words of Hope, Res...
A Youth Study for ...
Davis Bailey
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