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Holy Living

A Youth Lenten Study

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The command to “be holy” echoes throughout Scripture and is a challenge to reorient our lives in a new direction where God’s love is made real. This command speaks clearly to the faith development of youth and young adults. Youth want to know who they are, where they belong, and why they are here. Inherent within our calling to “be holy” is our invitation to discover our identity, belonging, and purpose. It is not about reaching a destination of perfection, rather it is a journey in which we find ourselves in closer communion with God and each other.

The purpose of this six-week Lenten study pack for youth is to guide participants on a Lenten journey where they flesh out what it means to be holy and how they might discover a sense of identity, belonging, and purpose along the way. Youth will examine Scripture and their calling to a life of faith in order to better understand how holy living is a call to be set apart: set apart from all that is not holy, set apart with all who are holy, and set apart for all that is holy.

Each week includes a Participant Handout and a Leader's Guide that helps a leader facilitate a fifty-five- to sixty-five-minute session. Activity ideas available in the Leader's Guides include: small-group discussion and reflection questions, Scripture study activities, suggested prayers, personal reflection opportunities, teaching alternatives, and more.

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Brian Coulter is general associate pastor at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Fairhope, Alabama.

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