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Reformed Confessions of the Sixteenth Century
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Westminster John Knox Press
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Reformed Confessions of the Sixteenth Century makes available a number of confessional documents that are not easily accessible elsewhere. Arthur Cochrane's introduction to the work and to each confession indicates each document's importance and its theological emphases. A new introduction by Jack Rogers focuses on developments in the study of Reformed Confessions since the first appearance of Cochrane's book in 1966.

Arthur C. Cochrane was a leading authority on Reformed confessions and the theology of Karl Barth. Among his books are The Existentialists and God, Eating and Drinking with Jesus, The Theology of Peace, and The Church's Confession Under Hitler.

Reformed Confessio...
by Westminster John Knox Press
Arthur C. Cochrane
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Touchstone (November 2005) "This is a highly valuable resource for understanding the original teachings and practices that animated Protestantism and will pay dividends to those today wondering what all the fuss over Luther, Bucer, Melancthon, and Calvin was about."
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