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Building the Good Life for All

Transforming Income Inequality in Our Communities

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Westminster John Knox Press
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The well-being of those who are financially secure depends on the well-being of those who are not, those who fall into the working poor, or Asset-Limited, Income-Constrained, Employed (ALICE). We are interdependent both materially and spiritually and are diminished by the extent to which we do not flourish together.

In Building the Good Life for All, L. Shannon Jung explores four strategies for mutual flourishing: charity, self-help, cultural value formation, and government action. Rather than theorizing on the causes of people's poverty, the chapters demonstrate how these transformational strategies work and how others can participate in them. Discussion questions with each chapter help groups process what they are learning and how they can apply these strategies personally and in their community.

Designed to be read and discussed in seven sessions, this book encourages the social ministry of churches and the community development of neighborhoods. Churches and community groups will find themselves revitalized through this study and through enacting its strategies to help their neighbors.

Videos for Each Chapter of Building the Good Life for All

- Chapter 1: Interdependence and the Working Poor
- Chapter 2: Toward a Spirituality of Flourishing
- Chapter 3: Strategy 1, Relief
- Chapter 4: Strategy 2, Self-Help
- Chapter 5: Strategy 3, Cultural Formation
- Chapter 6: Strategy 4, Advocacy and Governmental Action
- Chapter 7: Getting Started

To see all seven videos, visit the author's YouTube channel: Building the Good Life for All

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L. Shannon Jung is Professor of Town and Country Ministry Emeritus at Saint Paul School of Theology, studying poverty and affluence, and a Presbyterian pastor who served churches in Tennessee, Minnesota, and Iowa. He has been involved for several years with a study and action group assessing the plight of the working poor in Central Florida. He is active in the Society of Christian Ethics, the American Academy of Religion, and the Catholic Theology Society. He is the author of nearly a dozen books on rural ministry and theology of food.

Building the Good ...
Transforming Incom...
by Westminster John Knox Press

Building the Good Life for All offers us a fresh look at the issues, then provides step-by-step actions. A church might even well change a struggling neighborhood to a flourishing one if thy explore these new possibilities.”

Christian Ethics Today

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