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Group study for Christian adults on the biblical and historical roots of race relations ■and racism in the United States.
The Racism Study Pack
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Racism. No one can deny it exists yet talking frankly about it is one of the few remaining taboos of contemporary society. We often feel like we've come a long way in regard to race relations and we hear myths such as "I'm colorblind" or "Anyone can achieve the American dream if they just work hard enough." However, while we have made some advances toward racial equality, we still have much work to do. This eleven-session adult study on racism in America is designed to help start faithful, honest, and freeing conversations about race and racism.

This eleven-session premium study pack provides a tour through the biblical and historical realities of race and racism as a foundation for asking difficult yet necessary questions about where we stand today--and where we must go from here.

The first study in the study pack acknowledges that racism is difficult to talk about even as it opens up some avenues for interaction that make the conversation easier. In other sessions, participants will come to understand terms such as race, ethnicity, power, privilege, and culture within the context of conversations about racism. Key concepts that are often misunderstood such as white privilege and the insidious nature of its impact on society will be explored. Participants will also take a closer, more focused look at the issues of affirmative action and consider the cultural ramifications of segregated churches. Also included is a substantive and enlightening four-session study on the history of racism in America from 1492 to the present. And we'll go even further back in history with a look at the racism in the Bible, where differences were more likely to be based on culture rather than on color.

Study titles include:
"Why is it So Difficult to Talk about Racism?"
"Racism 101"
"The Bible and Racism"
"A History of Racism in the United States"
"White Privilege"
"Is Affirmative Action Still Needed?"
"Do Segregated Churches Imply Racism?"

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