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In the News: Does Ferguson Reflect America?
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What exactly happened in Ferguson, Missouri? This study outlines the facts surrounding the shooting of Michael Brown and the protests that occurred after his death. Readers will also receive a list of suggestions on what they can do-even if they don't live in Ferguson-and discussion questions.

Continue the discussion on racism in your community with some of our other downloadable studies on the topic. Below is a list of adult studies that focus on racism.

To go even deeper into an exploration of the way race works in our society, check out book resources like The New Jim Crow, But I Don't See You as Asian, and Race Matters.

Jennifer Harvey is an Associate Professor of Religion and Ethics at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. She is the author of Dear White Christians: For Those Still Longing For Racial Reconciliation and Whiteness and Morality: Pursuing Racial Justice through Reparations and Sovereignty. She blogs regularly at her site "formations. living at the intersections of self, social, spirit." which can be found at

In the News: Does ...
Jennifer Harvey
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Responding to Raci...
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