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Parents will discuss how to talk to their child about sex, Internet safety, classroom bullies, dating, divorce, tattoos and piercings, being homosexual (gay/lesbian), and also confronting the topics of autism and the empty nest.

Not for the Faint of Heart!

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My teen has started dating--how am I going to talk to him about sex? How are we ever going to tell our kids we're getting a divorce? My daughter just told me she's gay; where do we go from here? Should we allow our teen to use the Internet?

We aren't given manuals for how to handle the trials and tribulations that come with having teenagers. And while some problems that parents of teenagers face are ubiquitous, there are others where we feel we are completely alone. No matter which question parents are grappling with, their best resource is usually other parents. Because while others might not be in the same position as your family, they are still able to help you get to where you want to be. Taken from our adult and parenting sections, the studies outlined below are a great way for parents to get together.

Talking with Your Child about Sex. This two-session study attempts to help parents and mentors of children address their fears and offers some guidance for how to incorporate healthy sex talk into relationships between adults and children.

Bullying in the Classroom. How serious is the issue of bullying at school? What makes a bully? What should Christians do about it? This one-session study helps parents think through the pervasive issue of bullying at school.

What's My Child Doing on the Internet? This study defines many of the technical terms and computer language used and spoken by kids today. It explains some of the dangers of the Internet but also highlights the positive aspects of this ever-changing means of communication. A wealth of resource information is provided for parents.

Understanding Autism. What do persons with autism want others to know about them and how to treat them? Are persons with autism spiritual? How can Christian communities best serve this group of brothers and sisters and their families? These topics are explored in this one-session study.

Mom, I'm Gay. This study is for parents and friends of parents who have or suspect a child is homosexual. The focus is on supporting the child and the family as they adjust to this new knowledge. It is >not about discouraging the child from living their sexual orientation.

Facing the Empty Nest. Most parents of teens have some feelings of empty-nest syndrome whenever one of their children leaves the home. This study gives parents advice on how to talk to their family about the change at home and provides a comprehensive look at what is involved with empty-nest syndrome.

Teens and Dating: What Parents Need to Know. This two-session study first describes some of the physical changes occurring in adolescents. The second session examines some of the enormous changes in our society and how these are impacting adolescents as they enter this stage.

Parenting During Divorce. The guidance provided in this study covers short-term issues such as how to tell your child you've decided to split up as well as long-term issues of how best to continue to share parenting duties as caring partners throughout your child's life. This study will be helpful for those experiencing a divorce as well as for those who seek to support loved ones during this trying situation.

Body Art and Teens. In this timely study for parents of teens we'll explore our responsibilities as Christian parents when it comes forming an educated opinion about tattoos and piercings.

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