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Buddhism and Christianity in Dialogue

The Gerald Weisfeld Lectures 2004

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"Buddhism and Christianity in Dialogue continues the Weisfeld-Lectures, which were established with the first series on War and Peace in World religions, published in 2004 by SCM Press. The book is written for a general as well as a more specialist readership. On the one hand it introduces basic topics of Buddhist-Christian dialogue, on the other hand it opens up new ground: particularly insofar as the Buddhist and the Christian contributers all write comparatively. That is, the Buddhists speak not only on Buddhism but on Christianity and Buddhism in relation to the specific topic, and so do the Christians. Something similar has not yet done before in Buddhist-Christian Dialogue making this a unique and groundbreaking book. Each chapter is made up of a contribution from a Buddhist and then from a Christian point of view. To conclude each chapter, both authors then write together to address each others points in the previous sections and so the book is truly interactive.

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The Gerald Weisfel...
by SCM Press
Perry Schmidt-Leukel
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