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Reformed Spirituality
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Reformed Christians include a variety of denominations that developed in Europe at the time of the Reformation. Presbyterians, Reformed churches, and United churches consider themselves part of this strand of Protestants.

While Reformed Christians have excelled in advancing biblical and theological studies, they are not generally known as being "spiritual." In fact, there is often a suspicion of anything spiritual. This study shows how spirituality was part of the Reform movement and encourages participants to reflect on their lives as spiritual, Reformed Christians.

Session 1 explores prayer and our desire for spirituality and is an introduction to spiritual disciplines. Participants recall scriptural references to prayer, discuss why many Reformed Christians are cautious about spiritual things, and explore the variety of ways to live spiritual lives.

Session 2 examines multiple intelligences and prayer. Participants are encouraged to reflect on their unique gifts and ways they live their spirituality. They walk through a Sunday bulletin, considering how liturgical elements are lived out during the week. The class ends with lectio divina, or divine reading in a group.

Steve Shussett is the Teaching Presbyter of Lehigh Presbytery. He formerly served as Associate for Spiritual Formation for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), where he edited Hungryhearts and "Lord, Teach Us to Pray" and wrote for publications such as Horizons, Call to Worship, and Church and Society.

Reformed Spiritual...
Steve Shussett
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