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Spiritual Practices for Families
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The typical family, no matter what its form, moves at such a frantic pace that who has time to be spiritual? Maybe we need a definition of spirituality that transcends the notion of mountaintop retreats and hermits in the desert. Christian spirituality is not a quest to find God's elusive presence but an intentional effort to recognize and welcome the God who is already present in the mundane events of our daily existence.

In this two-session study, the first session recognizes the importance of family spirituality in the Bible and our busy lives. It contains practical suggestions for incorporating spiritual disciplines in families consisting of adults and children. The second session focuses on families made up of adults and ways they can incorporate spiritual practices to deepen relationships with one another and with God.

Michael H. Brewer is a full-time pastor in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), a part-time writer, and an adjunct professor of religious studies at Northern Kentucky University. He enjoys gardening, hiking, and kayaking.

Spiritual Practice...
Michael H. Brewer
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