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Discovering the spirituality of those young and old-a great overview of spirituality â– throughout the lifespan.
How Spirituality Develops through Our Lifetime
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People grow and change over time. This is an obvious statement that can be confirmed with our own eyes. We watch children grow from infancy to adulthood. We're conscious of our own bodies and minds changing as we age. When it comes to our spiritual lives, however, we are dealing with things that are not quite so easily observed. Yet our souls, bodies, and minds are all connected as they work together to form our faith.

This study endeavors to gather the thoughts of many people about how our faith in God changes over time. In Scripture we see many instances where God chooses the unexpected, seemingly unripe believer to be a spiritual leader.

In this study, participants will discuss the relationship of body, mind, and spirit in faith maturation, and will apply their learning to the way different ages might approach the Bible. Helpful text boxes that break out the characteristics of the spiritual development of different age groups appear throughout the study.

Kathy L. Dawson is Associate Professor of Christian Education at Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Georgia.

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