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What Does the United Church of Christ Believe?
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This two-session study acquaints participants with the all-American denomination the United Church of Christ (UCC), an amalgamated denomination begun by the Pilgrims on the Mayflower and continued through waves of German immigration from the Evangelical and Reformed traditions, as well as African American congregations from the American South. In 2007 the UCC celebrated fifty years together as a single denomination formed of these predecessor groups.

The first session discusses the history of the denomination, the various denominational mergers that finally resulted in forming the UCC, and how the church functions with so much diversity among its members. The second session discusses the idea of covenant and the various beliefs of the denomination. Participants will view clips from the "God is still speaking" campaign as part of session 2, which are found on the denomination's Web site as well as in video form.

Elice Higginbotham is a UCC clergywoman currently serving as interim Minister for Pastoral Care at The Riverside Church in the City of New York. She has also served on congregational or denominational staff in New York, New Mexico, Arizona, and Ohio.

What Does the Unit...
Elice Higginbotham
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