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What prompted the establishment of the Shaker religion? And why have their ■numbers dwindled over the years? (Hint: It's not just their vow of celibacy!)
What Do Shakers Believe?
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This is a two-session study on the Shaker religion, authored by an educator who actually works in an original Shaker village.

The Shakers are a great illustration of how shared Christian values can manifest themselves in diverse ways. The Shaker lifestyle is certainly unique yet it finds its roots in the same Bible used by more mainstream Protestant denominations. In this study, participants will learn about some of the more interesting aspects of the Shaker religion and will discuss the Shakers' dedication to the concepts of equality, simplicity, and constant devotion to God. And yes, we'll touch on that celibacy issue, as well!

Susan Lyons Hughes is Education and Interpretation Manager at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, Kentucky. She holds a BA in history from Western Kentucky University, and did graduate work at WKU and the University of Kentucky, focusing on nineteenth-century social and intellectual history.

What Do Shakers Be...
Susan Lyons Hughes
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