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Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me

A Lenten Study for Youth on Six Crosses

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During the several weeks leading up to Easter Sunday, we are invited to take a journey to explore the meaning and symbolism of the cross. This Lenten series for youth focuses on six crosses of Jesus that have been widely used over the course of Christian history. The hope in this series is that you and your youth will come to a deeper understanding of the meaning of the cross in your own lives as we look at six different types of crosses. Here's how the sessions break down:

Session 1: Latin Cross. Youth will recognize the importance of symbols in the Christian faith as they study the Latin cross. They will learn the history of this popular symbol and how the meaning behind it can offer insight into one's own walk with the resurrected Christ.

Session 2: St. Gilbert's Cross. Youth will learn about the cross of St. Gilbert and allow its particular shape and story to remind them to carry their cross and follow Jesus.

Session 3: Jerusalem Cross. Youth will learn about the Jerusalem cross and how it reminds us to take the good news of Christ beyond the church walls and into the four corners of the world.

Session 4: Celtic Cross. Youth will learn about the Celtic (pronounced "seltic" or "keltic") cross and its focus on the eternity and profound strength of God's love. More than guilt and more than the law, this love is what changes God's people and allows us to experience the kingdom of God.

Session 5: Tau Cross. Youth will learn about the Tau (rhymes with "how") cross and its focus on the healing power of Jesus Christ and his call for us to act as healers to the brokenness in our community and world.

Session 6: Crucifix. Participants will reflect on the crucifix as a symbol for Jesus' suffering because of his passionate love and concern for others. They will also consider actions they are willing to take out of their love for others. The crucifix reminds us of Jesus' deep love for all God's people.

Sam Halverson is a twenty-five year veteran in youth ministry and an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church. He is the author of various books on youth ministry, including Destination Unknown and Destination Unknown 2.

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