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Titles by: Sam Halverson

Author: Sam Halverson

Sam Halverson is a twenty-five year veteran in youth ministry and an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church. He is the author of various books on youth ministry, including Destination Unknown and Destination Unknown 2.

By Sam Halverson
In this challenging study for youth, participants will grapple with one of the toughest things God asks of us--to love our enemies. Human nature encourages us to seek revenge on our enemies. Whether we find them in our classrooms or they conspire aga...

Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me 
A Lenten Study for Youth on Six Crosses
By Sam Halverson
During the several weeks leading up to Easter Sunday, we are invited to take a journey to explore the meaning and symbolism of the cross. This Lenten series for youth focuses on six crosses of Jesus that have been widely used over the course of Chris...