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But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you ■(Matthew 5:44). What does the Bible say about forgiving our enemies?
Loving Your Enemy
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In this challenging study for youth, participants will grapple with one of the toughest things God asks of us--to love our enemies. Human nature encourages us to seek revenge on our enemies. Whether we find them in our classrooms or they conspire against us from halfway around the world, we still find ourselves wishing misfortune to come to those who wish ill of us.

How can we love an enemy whose values we abhor but still remain true to our own values? How can we turn the other cheek? It's a difficult concept to embrace if we think of love as a feeling rather than as an action. There are some feelings we simply can't control. We can, however, control what we do in response to those feelings.

This study is designed to help youth realize God's love for the very people they consider their enemies, recognize who they consider to be their enemies, and understand and accept the importance of loving them as God loves them. In addition to other activities, participants will be asked to write letters to their enemies and role-play various situations.

Sam Halverson is a twenty-five year veteran in youth ministry and an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church. He is the author of various books on youth ministry, including Destination Unknown and Destination Unknown 2.

Loving Your Enemy
Sam Halverson
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