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George A. F.

George A. F. Knight, former pastor and author of numerous books, previously served as President of the Pacific Theological College in Fiji and as Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand. He has taught at Knox College in …

Roland Faber

Roland Faber is Professor of Process Theology at Claremont School of Theology in Claremont, California.

Arley K. Fadness

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Donald Fairbairn

Donald Fairbairn is Professor of Historical Theology and Associate Dean of Theology at Erskine Theological Seminary in Due West, South Carolina.

A. M. Fairweather

A. M. Fairweather served as Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh, and as a minister of the Church of Scotland.

Eugene R. Fairweather

Eugene R. Fairweather was Kemble Professor of Divinity at the University of Trinity College in Toronto, Canada.

Richard A. Falk

Richard A. Falk is Albert G. Milbank Professor Emeritus of International Law and Practice at Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey. His books include The Great Terror War, Religion and Human Global Governance, …

Stephen Faller

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Stephen Faller

Stephen Faller is a chaplain serving in Trenton, New Jersey. He also facilitates adult education at Pennington United Methodist Church. He is the author of Beyond the Matrix: Revolutions and Revelations.


Cathleen Falsani is an award-winning religion journalist and author of the critically acclaimed The God Factor: Inside the Spiritual Lives of Public People, Sin Boldly: A Field Guide for Grace, The Dude Abides: The Gospel According to the Coen …

Andrew Farley

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Edward Farley

Edward Farley is Professor Emeritus of Theology at Vanderbilt Divinity School in Nashville, Tennessee. He has written a number of books on theology and theological education.

Margaret A. Farley

Margaret A. Farley is Gilbert L. Stark Professor of Christian Ethics at Yale Divinity School in New Haven, Connecticut. The recipient of eleven honorary degrees, the John Courtney Murray Award for Excellence in Theology, and a Luce …

Wendy Farley

Wendy Farley is Director of the Program in Christian Spirituality and Rice Family Professor of Spirituality in the Graduate School of Theology of the University of Redlands.

William R. Farmer

William R. Farmer is Professor Emeritus of New Testament at Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University, in Dallas, Texas. He is the author or editor of many books and articles.

Bob Farr

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Lori Farr

Lori Farr has a B.A. in dance/kinesiology, and a certificate in Stress Management Education. She is the President of Farr Reach Training and Development. She works with her unique Personal Leadership coaching process which helps …

Debra K. Farrington

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Stephen Farris

Stephen Farris is Professor of Homiletics and Dean of St. Andrew's Hall at Vancouver School of Theology in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Patrica Farriss

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John Fea

John Fea is Professor of American History and Chair of the History Department at Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. He is a leading interpreter of American religious history and identity and has written for such media outlets …

Kyle D. Fedler

Kyle D. Fedler is Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dean of Faculty, and Professor of Theological Ethics at Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Alabama.

Gordon D. Fee

Gordon D. Fee is Professor Emeritus of New Testament Studies at Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He is a highly renowned interpreter of the New Testament.

Bruce Feiler

Bruce Feiler is the author of seven New York Times best-selling books, including Walking the Bible: A Photographic Journey, Abraham: A Journey to the Heart of Three Faiths, and Where God Was Born: A Daring …

Margaret Feinburg

Margaret Feinberg ( ) is a popular speaker at churches and events such as Catalyst and Creation Festival. Named one of the thirty emerging voices of Christian leaders under age forty by Charisma magazine, Margaret is …


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Duncan S. Ferguson

Duncan S. Ferguson worked in higher education for years, serving as a college chaplain, faculty member, and administrator. He has also served as Senior Officer of Higher Education for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and for the …

Nancy Ferguson

Nancy Ferguson is a certified educator and former day camp director at Camp Hanover in Richmond, Virginia. She lives on the Eastern Shore of Virginia where she concentrates on writing resources for camps and retreats. She is the …

Paul Ferguson

PAUL FERGUSON is the Archdeacon of Cleveland and Warden of Readers in the Diocese of York, UK.

Ron Ferguson

RON FERGUSON is an award-winning journalist, writing for The Herald, the Press & Journal and Life & Work among other publications. Previously, he was leader of the Iona Community and minister of St Magnus Cathedral on Orkney, where he lives.

Danna Nolan Fewell

Danna Nolan Fewell is Professor of Hebrew Bible at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey. She is also the author of Narrative in the Hebrew Bible and Representing the Irreparable: The Shoah, the Bible, and the Art of …

Clive Fewins

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Paul S. Fiddes

Paul S. Fiddes is Professor of Systematic Theology at the University of Oxford in England.

Brian Fikkert

Brian Fikkert is an Associate Professor of Economics at Covenant College and the Founder and Executive Director of the Chalmers Center for Economic Development at Covenant College. Brian received a Ph.D. in Economics with highest honors from Yale …

Sean Finnegan

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Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza

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Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza

Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza is Krister Stendahl Professor of Divinity at Harvard Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She is the author of numerous books, inckuding In Memory of Her.

Francis Schussler Fiorenza

Francis Sch�ssler Fiorenza is the Stillman Professor of Roman Catholic Theological Studies at Harvard Divinity School.

Adam Fischer

Adam Fischer is a consultant for the Thoughtful Christian and a recent graduate of Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.

Jean Fischer

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Bruce N. Fisk is Associate Professor of New Testament at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California.

Robert Cotton Fite

Robert Cotton Fite is an episcopal priest and clinical psychologist. Fite worked as a clinician for twenty-seven years and served as Director of Lutheran's Counseling Center from 1986-2003. He currently serves as Priest Associate at …

Daphna Flegal

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Joseph Fletcher

Joseph Fletcher taught at Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and at the School of Medicine at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. He was the author of many books, including Morals and Medicine …

Anthony Flew

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Lisa Flinn

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Anna Carter Florence

Anna Carter Florence is Peter Marshall Associate Professor of Preaching at Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Georgia. She is an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

John Flowers

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Ronald B. Flowers

Ronald B. Flowers is John F. Weatherly Professor Emeritus of Religion at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas.

Gregory Floyd

Gregory Floyd holds a BA in religious studies from Brown University. He has served as missionary in England and Ireland. He serves as the Northeast Regional Director of Legatus. He is also a leader of the People of Hope, a Catholic …

Juan M. Floyd-Thomas

Juan M. Floyd-Thomas is Associate Professor of African American Religious History at Vanderbilt University Divinity School. He is the author of Liberating Black Church History: Making It Plain, among other works.

Stacey M. Floyd-Thomas

Stacey M. Floyd-Thomas is Associate Professor of Ethics and Society at the Divinity School of Vanderbilt University and the author or editor of several books, including Mining the Motherlode and Deeper Shades of Purple. …

Tonya Flynt-Vega

Tonya Flynt-Vega is the founder of the Tonya Flynt Foundation Against Pornography and Sexual Abuse.

Arthur F. Fogartie

Arthur F. Fogartie is Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Margaret Anne Fohl

Margaret Anne Fohl is Associate Pastor Emerita of Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.

J. P. Fokkelman

J. P. Fokkelman is an international expert in Semitic languages. He has taught courses in classical Hebrew Literature at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. His publications include the four-volume work Narrative Art and …

Dean E. Foose

Dean E. Foose is Director of Alumni Relations and Placement Emeritus at Princeton Theological Seminary in Princeton, New Jersey. Foose joined the staff at Princeton after twenty-two years of urban pastoral ministry.

Catherine J. Foote

Catherine J. Foote is a Minister at University Congregational United Church of Christ in Seattle, Washington. She is the founder of Brake the Cycle, National Ride to Stop Child Sexual Abuse, and has ridden her bicycle across the …

Ted V. Foote, Jr.

Ted V. Foote Jr. is Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Bryan, Texas.

David Ford

Prof. David Ford is Regius Professor of Divinity and Fellow of Selwyn College at the University of Cambridge.

Deborah Ford

The Revd Deborah Ford is an Assistant Priest at St Bennet's Church in Cambridge.

Paul F. Ford

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Duncan B. Forrester

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Jack Forstman

Jack Forstman is Professor Emeritus of Theology and Dean Emeritus of Vanderbilt Divinity School in Nashville, Tennessee.

Robert T. Fortna

Robert T. Fortna is Weyerhaeuser Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York, where he taught for thirty years.

Patricia D. Fosarelli

Patricia D. Fosarelli has been a practicing pediatrician for more than twenty-five years and also holds a doctorate in ministry. She is Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Hopkins School of Medicine and Professor of Spirituality and …

Richard J. Foster

Richard J. Foster is the founder of Renovare, an intrachurch movement committed to church renewal. He has written several best-selling books, including Celebration of Discipline, Streams of Living Water, and Prayer: …

Sabrina Fountain

Sabrina Fountain writes on art and culture and is currently working on a collection of essays on the ways negative space, silence, and absence carry significant meaning in our lives. She lives with her husband and twin sons in …

Stephen E. Fowl

Stephen E. Fowl is Professor of Theology at Loyola College in Baltimore, Maryland. He has written both in the area of New Testament and theological hermeneutics, and specializes in Pauline studies. His books include Philippians: The Two …

James W. Fowler

James W. Fowler is the founder and Director Emeritus of the Emory Center for Ethics and the former Charles Howard Candler Professor of Theology and Human Development at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. His groundbreaking and …

Emmet Fox

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Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox is the author of twenty-seven books including The Coming of the Cosmic Christ, Sheer Joy: Conversations with Thomas Aquinas on Creation Spirituality, A New Reformation, and Creativity: Where the …

Rosemary Foxcroft

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Richard Fragomeni

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John R. Franke is Lester and Kay Clemens Professor of Missional Theology at Biblical Theological Seminary in Hatfield, Pennsylvania.

A. Daniel Frankforter

A. Daniel Frankforter is Professor of European History at Pennsylvania State University Erie in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Robert M. Franklin

Robert M. Franklin is the President of Morehouse College. He previously served as Presidential Distinguished Professor of Social Ethics at the Candler School of Theology at Emory University and as President of the …

Rag Frary

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Giles Fraser

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Ian Frazier

Ian Frazier has written for Harper's, The New Yorker, and The Atlantic Monthly. He is a winner of the Thurber Prize for Humor, and is the author of numerous books, including Great Plains, Coyote vs. Acme, and …

Paula Fredriksen

Paula Fredriksen is the Aurelio Professor of Scripture at Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts. She has published widely in the social and intellectual history of ancient Christianity from the late Second Temple period to the …

Laurence Freeman

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Thomas Freiling

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W.H.C Frend

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Terence E. Fretheim

Terence E. Fretheim

Thomas L. Friedman

Thomas L. Friedman is a world-renowned author and columnist for The New York Times. His award-winning books include From Beirut to Jerusalem, The Lexus and the Olive Tree, Longitudes and Attitudes: Exploring the World …

Michael Frost

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Helen Fry

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Nicole Baker Fulgham

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Monica Furlong

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Victor Paul Furnish

Victor Paul Furnish is University Distinguished Professor Emeritusof New Testament at Perkins School of Theology,Southern Methodist University, in Dallas, Texas. He has been established as one of the most influential interpreters of …

George M. Furniss

George M. Furniss has served as minister-in-residence at Eden Theological Seminary in Webster Groves, Missouri; a hospital chaplain in Eugene, Oregon; and Associate Professor of Sociology at Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa. He …

James L. Furrow

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