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Titles by: Daniel W. Hardy

Author: Daniel W. Hardy

The Revd Prof. Daniel W. Hardy was Van Mildert Professor of Theology at the University of Durham and Director of the Centre for Theological Inquiry at Princeton. He died in 2007.

By Daniel W. Hardy
Amongst the churches, Anglicanism is distinctive by virtue of its attempt to participate in the life and purposes of God and to make them known through history and in the practicalities of particular situations. Yet the distinctiveness of this posit...
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Wording a Radiance: Parting Conversations About God and the Church 
Parting Conversations About God and the Church
By David Ford, Deborah Ford, Daniel W. Hardy
Daniel W. Hardy was one of the foremost ecclesial theologians of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries in the English-speaking world. 'Wording a radiance' is a theology of the Spirit and of the Eucharistic foundations of the Church. It is also th...
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