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Titles by: Gregory W. Dawes

Author: Gregory W. Dawes

Gregory W. Dawes is Associate Professor of Religion and Philosophy at the University of Otago in New Zealand. He is the editor of The Historical Jesus Quest: Landmarks in the Search for the Jesus of History.

The Historical Jesus Quest 
Landmarks in the Search for the Jesus of History
By Gregory W. Dawes
Virtually all the current debates about the historical Jesus have their roots in questions that have been pursued by biblical historians over the past two centuries. This anthology brings together seminal essays by those scholars who have been most i...
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The Historical Jesus Question 
The Challenge of History to Religious Authority
By Gregory W. Dawes
A natural sequel to The Historical Jesus Quest, The Historical Jesus Question offers commentary on the work and significance of the classic writers presented in the earlier volume--Spinoza, Strauss, Schweitzer, Troeltsch, Bultmann, Kasemann--and some...
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