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Author: Adele Reinhartz

Adele Reinhartz is Associate Vice-President of Research at the University of Ottawa in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, where she also holds the position of Professor in the Department of Classics and Religious Studies.

Jesus, Judaism, and Christian Anti-Judaism 
Reading the New Testament after the Holocaust
By Paula Fredriksen, Adele Reinhartz
Current scholarship in the study of ancient Christianity is now available to nonspecialists through this collection of essays on anti-Judaism in the New Testament and in New Testament interpretation. While academic writing can be obscure and popular ...
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By Adele Reinhartz
Eloquently written and meticulously researched, Scripture on the Silver Screen offers all students of Scripture--whether in an academic classroom or at home--an inviting new way to further their biblical literacy. It questions the "Hollywoood Hermene...
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