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Titles by: Edward Adams

Author: Edward Adams

Edward Adams is Senior Lecturer in New Testament Studies at King's College London. He is the author of Stars Will Fall from Heaven: 'Cosmic Catastrophe' in the New Testament and Its World and coeditor of Christianity at Corinth: The Quest for the Pauline Church.

Christianity at Corinth 
The Quest for the Pauline Church
By Edward Adams, David G. Horrell
First Corinthians provides a unique glimpse info the life of a young Christian community in a Greco-Roman environment during the early decades of emerging Christianity. It supplies a range and richness of information about the early church that is un...
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Parallel Lives of Jesus 
A Guide to the Four Gospels
By Edward Adams
In this highly readable introduction to the Gospels, Edward Adams demonstrates how the four canonical Gospels function separately—as unique accounts of Jesus' life—and as narrative renditions of a shared story: the Fourfold Gospel. Building on the pr...
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