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Titles by: Lamar Williamson Jr.

Author: Lamar Williamson Jr.

Lamar Williamson Jr. is Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies at Union Theological Seminary and Presbyterian School of Christian Education in Richmond, Virginia. His published works include Preaching the Gospel of John and Mark in the Interpretation commentary series, both published by WJK.

By Howard L. Rice, Lamar Williamson Jr.
Prayer has undergirded the achievements, sacrifices, and faithfulness of the Reformed tradition since its beginning. And the ways in which Reformed Christians pray have been as varied throughout the centuries as the many denominations that are includ...
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Interpretation: A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching
By Lamar Williamson Jr.
In this volume, Lamar Williamson's commentary provides teachers, preachers, and all serious students of the Bible with an interpretation that takes serious hermeneutical responsibility for the contemporary meaning and significance of Mark's text.Int...
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Preaching the Gospel of John 
Proclaiming the Living Word
By Lamar Williamson Jr.
In this accessible treatment of the major themes of the Gospel of John, renowned New Testament scholar Lamar Williamson blends the best of biblical scholarship and a close reading of the Fourth Gospel to meet the practical needs of weekly preaching. ...
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