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Titles by: R. Wayne Willis

Author: R. Wayne Willis

R. Wayne Willis was formerly Director of Pastoral Care at Norton Healthcare in Louisville, Kentucky. He holds a Master of Divinity degree from Vanderbilt and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

Hope Notes 
52 Meditations to Nudge Your World
By R. Wayne Willis
R. Wayne Willis, the author of the popular P. S. God, Can You Fly? , returns with this collection of fifty-two meditations on hope. Each of the entries includes a quote from a world-renown figure ranging from C. S. Lewis to Franklin D. Roosevelt, a g...
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P.S. God, Can You Fly? 
Heart-Felt and Hope-Filled Prayers of Children
By R. Wayne Willis
A longtime chaplain at a children's hospital, R. Wayne Willis has collected prayers and cards left by children in the hospital chapel. In P.S. God, Can You Fly? he offers reflections on some of these prayers and what they mean for believers and for t...
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