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Titles by: James M. Brandt

Author: James M. Brandt

James M. Brandt is Assistant Professor of Historical Theology and Director of Contextual Education at St. Paul School of Theology in Kansas City, Missouri.

All Things New 
Reform of Church and Socety in Schleiermacher's Christian Ethics
By James M. Brandt
All Things New presents a study of Schleiermacher's important but sometimes misunderstood Christian Ethics. Brandt places Schleiermacher's ethics in the context of his life, illuminates its main themes, and corrects some common misperceptions about S...
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By James M. Brandt, Friedrich Schleiermacher
Brandt presents important selections from German theologian Schleiermacher's Christian Ethics, a work that moves beyond formal matters to offer a comprehensive analysis of ethical issues, including what constitutes moral action for individuals in rel...
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