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Titles by: John H. Hayes

Author: John H. Hayes

John H. Hayes was Franklin N. Parker Professor of Old Testament at Candler School of Theology, Emory University. His books include A History of Ancient Israel and Judah (with J. Maxwell Miller) and Old Testament Theology: Its History and Development (with Frederick Prussner). John Hayes died in 2013.

By J. Maxwell Miller
This classic textbook, widely used for over two decades, constructs a history of ancient Israel and Judah through a thorough investigation of epigraphical, archaeological, and biblical sources. Approaching biblical history as history, Miller and Haye...
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Biblical Exegesis, Fourth Edition 
A Beginner's Handbook
By John H. Hayes, Carl R. Holladay
This is a beginner’s guide to biblical exegesis, providing exegetical methods, practices, and theories. This book provides simple, helpful information and guidance about doing exegesis, without being overly prescriptive; succinctly introduces student...
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By John H. Hayes
This book introduces the reader to both the content of the Bible and to the life, faith, and history of ancient Israel, early Judaism, and early Christianity. John Hayes begins this book begins with an overall introduction to the study of the Bible, ...
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The Jewish People in Classical Antiquity 
From Alexander to Bar Kochba
By John H. Hayes, Sara R. Mandell
John Hayes and Sara Mandell provide a clear exposition of Jewish history from 333 BCE to 135 CE. This volume focuses on the Judean-Jerusalem community from a historical rather than ideological or theological perspective. With the inclusion of charts,...
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Old Testament Theology 
Its History and Development
By John H. Hayes, Frederick Prussner
John Hayes and Frederick Prussner offer a thorough study covering the history, methodologies, and difficulties that are associated with the writing of Old Testament theology. Their impressive work features comprehensive history, summaries, contempora...
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