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Titles by: Dale B. Martin

Author: Dale B. Martin

Dale B. Martin is Woolsey Professor of Religious Studies at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. He is the author of Sex and the Single Savior: Gender and Sexuality in Biblical Interpretation and Pedagogy of the Bible: An Analysis and Proposal, both published by WJK.

Pedagogy of the Bible 
An Analysis and Proposal
By Dale B. Martin
For generations, most seminary teaching of the Bible has focused on the historical-critical method. While this method has been the standard in almost every seminary curriculum, the effects of this approach to Scripture have hardly been examined. From...
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Sex and the Single Savior 
Gender and Sexuality in Biblical Interpretation
By Dale B. Martin
Probing into numerous questions about gender and sexuality, Dale Martin delves into the biblical texts anew and unearths surprising findings. Avoiding preconceptions about ancient sexuality, he explores the ethics of desire and marriage and pays care...
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