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Titles by: John Kaltner

Author: John Kaltner

John Kaltner is Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Virginia Ballou McGehee Professor of Muslim-Christian Relations, and Chair of the Department of Religious Studies at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee.

New Meanings for Ancient Texts 
Recent Approaches to Biblical Criticisms and Their Applications
By John Kaltner, Steven L. McKenzie
"As . . . newer approaches [to biblical criticism] become more established and influential, it is essential that students and other serious readers of the Bible be exposed to them and become familiar with them. That is the main impetus behind the pre...
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What Do Our Neighbors Believe, Second Edition 
Questions and Answers on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
By Micah Greenstein, Kendra G. Hotz, John Kaltner
The current social and political climate makes it easy to benefit from religious misunderstanding. Political and religious leaders create fear of the religious other in order to drum up support for themselves. But the best way to combat deliberate mi...
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