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Titles by: Leonora Tubbs Tisdale

Author: Leonora Tubbs Tisdale

Leonora Tubbs Tisdale is Professor of Homiletics at Yale Divinity School in New Haven, Connecticut. She has authored and edited many books, including Preaching as Local Theology and Folk Art, Making Room at the Table: An Invitation to Multicultural Worship, and three volumes of The Abingdon Women's Preaching Annual.

Teaching Preaching as a Christian Practice 
A New Approach to Homiletical Pedagogy
By Thomas G. Long, Leonora Tubbs Tisdale
Preaching's most able practitioners gather in this book to explore and explain the idea that preaching is a practice that can be taught and learned. Arguing that preaching is a living practice with a long tradition, an identifiable shape, and a broad...
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