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Titles by: Michael R. Cosby

Author: Michael R. Cosby

Michael R. Cosby is Distinguished Professor of New Testament at Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania.

Apostle on the Edge 
An Inductive Approach to Paul
By Michael R. Cosby
Author and teacher Michael R. Cosby provides a wonderful guide to Paul's letters, helping students relate them to their own cultural setting and figure out for themselves what they mean. Irreverent, entertaining, engaging, and fun, yet grounded in so...
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His Life and Thought
By Michael R. Cosby
Few people in the history of Christianity have had as large an impact on the church as the apostle Paul. Yet few Christians understand much about the complex personality of this man. Many know something of his teaching about love, but few realize the...

Portraits of Jesus 
An Inductive Approach to the Gospels
By Michael R. Cosby
This book provides a learning-by-doing approach to the study of the Gospels. It allows students to uncover literary patterns, theological issues, and interpretive problems through close readings of primary sources. Questions are asked along the way t...
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Rediscovering Paul Study Pack 
Understanding the Controversial Apostle
By Michael R. Cosby, David Otto, Sandra Hack Polaski
The apostle Paul was probably the most influential leader and writer of the early Christian movement. Thirteen letters (epistles) in the New Testament have been traditionally attributed to Paul. Just who was Paul, and how should we think of him? Were...