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Titles by: R. David Kaylor

Author: R. David Kaylor

R. David Kaylor is James Sprunt Professor Emeritus of Religion at Davidson College in Davidson, North Carolina. He currently resides in Black Mountain, North Carolina.

Jesus the Prophet 
His Vision of the Kingdom on Earth
By R. David Kaylor
R. David Kaylor believes that Jesus' vision of a just society and his prophetic engagement with social, political, and economic conditions led to his execution by the Romans. Here, he presents Jesus' message of a just society based on Israel's covena...
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Paul's Covenant Community 
Jew and Gentile in Romans
By R. David Kaylor
This theological interpretation demonstrates the covenantal assumptions that underlie Paul's theology and Christology. It offers a unique view of Romans and Paul that avoids two previous major problems: the anti-Jewish polemic of much Protestant inte...
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